5 Times Paint Protection Film Prevented Costly Body Shop Repairs

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gray tesla outside of ultimate auto protection

5 Times Paint Protection Film Prevented Costly Body Shop Repairs

Paint protection film, also known as a clear bra or PPF, is an absolute necessity for your vehicle. Luxury vehicles and newer cars manufactured under stricter government regulations have switched to thinner, water-based paint as opposed to the urethane-based paints used in the past. While better for the environment, water-based paints can cause problems for those who want to keep their cars looking brand new. This becomes even more important in the colder climates of Canada and the northern United States that use heavy gravel for tire traction during the winter months.

PPF is a simple solution that will protect your car’s finish and enhance its beauty and resilience. This makes paint protection film one of the single best modifications to any new car. It will keep your car looking as if it was just driven off the lot. PPF can also add a sheen or matte finish to your car for added aesthetics while also saving you from costly repair bills. As one of the top vehicle protection services in Calgary, we have countless stories about PPF and how it has saved the day. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

Tesla Damaged By A Car Wash

In this unfortunate case, a beautiful red Tesla was damaged while the owner was trying to keep it looking its best. This is not uncommon for Teslas as they are known for using very thin paint due to California’s strict environmental policies. If Xpel paint protection film had been applied to the car’s rocker panels, this damage could have been avoided. We recommend applying PPF to the most common impact areas as soon as possible after purchasing your vehicle in order to keep it looking its bestand to avoid costly repairs like those that were needed for this Tesla.

red car parked outside

paint damage on car bumper

paint damage on red car paint

Tesla Rear

 Impact Damage – Saved by Xpel PPF

In this incredible example of Xpel PPF saving a customer from costly body shop repair and depreciation claims on their new Model 3, we see a rear quarter panel that was side swiped by another careless driver. Luckily, this owner had opted to wrap their entire vehicle with XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film beforehand. When we removed the existing damaged film, the paint underneath was pristine and blemish free. We simply reapplied new film to the impacted panels, and he was on his way a couple hours later!

paint damage on black car bumper

Before               After 

2020 Silverado High Country Chrome Grill Flaking

Even on the most heavy-duty trucks, grills are made with chrome-coated plastic to give the appearance of steel. This 2020 Silverado High Country didn’t even make it through its first year without chrome flaking off of the grill. Paint protection film would have saved this customer from having to pay for repairs on his new vehicle. We saw to it that he would never have the same problem again by installing PPF over a newly installed grill.

2020 silverado high country chrome grill flaking

Vandals Fail With PPF

Nothing is more frustrating than vandalism, but PPF has saved many of our customers a ton of money in the aftermath. One of our customers left this AMG E63 S in a store parking lot only to have a vandal run a key from the front fender to the rear quarter panel of the driver’s side. Fortunately, the paint had been protected by paint protection film, and the door only needed another coat of PPF to ensure future protection. 

long scratch on blue car door

blue car parked outside in snow


protection film installation on blue car

Another prime example is a customer who parked a Jeep SRT8 in a parking garage where a vandal keyed multiple vehicles. Unlike the costly repairs that many of the other vehicle owners were stuck with that day, all our customer had to do was replace the coat of PPF on the hood.

We happily protected both of these customers’ cars by recoating PPF, which saved each of them thousands of dollars. 


red jeep car hood

Some Cars Even Come With PPF From The Factory

Even with good intentions, many automakers miss the mark with factory-installed PPF. A large part of successful protection is proper installation. This includes knowing where to install PPF to properly protect the vehicle’s most vulnerable locations. Misplacing or insufficient pieces are a common issue with factory-installed PPF.

This 2020 Jeep SRT8 is a prime example of this issue. Would you believe it only had 2600kms from new? The vehicle came with PPF installed on the rear quarter panels to prevent damage from road debris, but because of their insufficient coverage, the panels were left exposed and were ultimately still damaged. We recoated the car’s quarter panels correctly to ensure that damage from road debris would never again be an issue for this Jeep.

factory installed ppf on 2020 jeep srt8

2020 jeep srt8 factory installed ppf

Ultimate Auto Protection takes pride in our work to provide the very best PPF installations, ceramic coatings, and detail services. We go above and beyond for our customers. 

Give us a call at 403-764-9735. Swing by our new 3,000-sq-ft studio located at UNIT #4, 2466 91ST AVE SE CALGARY, AB or you can book an appointment online at www.ultimateautoprotection.ca/contact/.


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