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Window Tinting

Window tinting provides better privacy, UV protection and eye safety for everyone in your vehicle. Our process is quick and professional, leaving you with high quality results that will last for years.

Choose shading options from 5-55% to find the perfect tint for your needs. All tinting services include shaved edges, and we never remove windows–ensuring you won’t have chips, rattles or other issues. Tinting comes in a variety of types and levels of heat and UV rejection:

Carbon Window Tinting

Block up to 40% of infrared light, and 99% UV light, preventing heat from entering and upholstery from fading. The carbon process does not use any metal, which means no problems with cell phone or radio transmissions. Carbon window tinting does not fade over time.

Ceramic Tint

For the highest standard in tinting, ceramic is the way to go. Ceramic is free of metals, dyes and carbon. It blocks up to 50% of the heat from infrared light, and 99% UV light. Just like other options, ceramic allows for radios, cell phones and GPS systems to function normally. It is the most efficient tint process to reduce glare and fading from the sun.

Our team is here to serve the Calgary area with the best window tinting experience. Every service is clean and efficient, we even give your car a wash! With over 17 years of experience, we continue our promise that every customer leaves satisfied.

All tint comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Fill out the form below to get a free quote!

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